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So you’ve decided that your company needs a professional video production agency to help. Splendid. Not all videos are created equal, and to get the best result, you’re going to need to define the purpose of why you want the video animated in the first place.

Persuasive Explainer Videos

Explain your company, product or service in 2 minutes or less. Sometimes, it can be hard to explain a technical product or service to an uninitiated customer, that’s where explainer videos come in.

Compelling Corporate Videos

Introduce your customers and partners to your company’s values and mission. Showcase what’s special about your business with live video and animation. Establish trust with prospects and build your credibility.

Beautiful 2D Animation

Want to represent your brand with a fully animated character or personify your product with animation? 2D Animation is a quick and versatile way to communicate anything you can imagine with animated visuals.

Some other use-cases for videos that can benefit your company:

Customer Testimonial Videos

Having your star customers telling their stories on camera is the best kind of social proof available. Scientifically, using social proof helps to increase buy-in rates and agreeableness of your prospects. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to let your clients do the selling for you.

Tutorial Videos

Show customers how to use your products or services without guesswork. No more dealing with calls at 1am for support-related issues. Just direct them to your tutorial videos teaching them to use your service or product. You’ll save time and create a positive experience for your customers.

Commercial Videos

Need to reach out to your audiences on paid ad avenues? Invest in a commercial video that is 30 second or less that will grab the attention of your target audience, generate excitement, shares and drive action.

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