Corporate Video Case Study: Trigen

Kickstarting a new brand with a strategic company corporate video


Trigen Automotive is a manufacturer of special function vehicles. Their vehicles range from firefighting emergency trucks to utility vehicles.

Trigen Automotive was a new brand set up by HOPE Technik Pte Ltd – an engineering company that owns a diverse portfolio of different businesses, the client was after a video introduction that could stand distinct on its own without being associated to the parent companies.

The Challenge:

The challenge became more apparent when we were made privy to extra factors for consideration:

1. We were directed not to shoot any of their client’s vehicles sitting in their warehouse (these specialized vehicles comprised up to 80% of the total vehicles there) due to an existing confidentiality agreement.

2. Their business existed in a specialized niche. This meant the introduction video needed to sport technical information that we had no access to prior to our first consultation.

3. Apart from the inability to film their actual product and a technical business model, the deadline was extremely tight and left us with less than three weeks to deliver the full video. A typical timeline for a corporate video usually allows our team about 4-6weeks to plan and execute the filming and post-production.



As this was an outlier in terms of circumstances, we needed to find a way to quickly get aligned with a proper style to begin filming. To get things in motion quickly, we put together three concepts together for the Trigen team to choose from. Internally, we had aligned with a strategy to execute each and every one of these concepts proposed to ensure we completed the shoot on-time.


Through a line of standard questioning, we had to suss out what made their business special – apparently, they weren’t the only provider of specialized vehicles in Singapore – there had to be some fodder we could use to enhance the appearance of their new brand.

1. What we discovered was that certain capabilities such as access to a 3D-Scanner (that happens to be very expensive) would send a good indication to their prospective clients that they were a reputable firm. These were later included in the video.

2. When visiting the scene of filming, we composed a mood board of numerous possible angles to in preparation for the scheduled shoot.




The output was a 3-minute video that accurately summarized their technical production workflow and capabilities in a simple manner. The output has been slated to be used in all partnership and sales meetings moving forward.

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