Corporate Video Case Study: Payboy HR

Making HR and payroll sexy with a corporate video


Payboy is an HR and payroll software startup based in Singapore with more than 300 clients on their platform. The team wanted a video that would efficiently showcase the features of their service but that also encapsulated the personality of their brand.

They were after a video similar to that of the Dollar Shave Club but didn’t want it to be a complete rip-off. The brief scoped the output out to include creative transitions, slap-stick comedic themes and to relay technical information about the product in a simple, casual tongue-in-cheek manner that was congruent with their brand.

The Challenge:

Due to the production quality requested for the film, we ran into a few challenges:

1. The client did not have enough budget to hire fully trained talent to be on set. We had to use numerous extras that were either company friends or staff that had little to no experience in acting.

2. Scenes required more than one venue and all shots needed to be done within a day due to existing and conflicting schedules.

3. We had to squeeze all the information into a video that was less than a minute.



As with every project, we started off by fully understanding the HR and payroll industry in Singapore as well as to suss out exactly what made the Payboy software unique. Our team studied element of the Dollar Shave Club video to ensure we hit all the right notes without emulating the original too closely. We also managed to snag the famous and visually attractive Huone Hotel for this shoot that had more than 7 different themed rooms for us to experiment with since the filming required a few different scenes.


After much discussion with the four founders of Payboy, we discovered that there were a few things that their customers were saying that made them stand out among other solutions in the local market. Namely:

1. Beautiful UI – A superior user interface that made handling payroll a breeze for even beginner HR practitioners.

2. Easy Onboarding – A seamless, smooth and simple onboarding experience for new employees that joined the company.

3. Constant Improvement – Adaptable changes and responsiveness to feedback that could be made to the ongoing development of the software for future use.


Scripting and Storyboarding:

The scripting for this particular video had to be precise and tone-specific. We needed the tone to not be too serious and yet be able to capture all the important nuance of the service in a few brief sentences throughout the video. Replacing words like “Lapses” and “Recruitment” with ones like “Issues” and “Hiring” made the video a lot more approachable and in-line with their branding. This took us a week or so to really get right before moving on to the next stage.



The output was a 3-minute video that accurately summarized their technical production workflow and capabilities in a simple manner. The output has been slated to be used in all partnership and sales meetings moving forward.

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