Corporate Video Case Study: Great Eastern Sales Kickoff 2017


An epic revelation for a highly anticipated event that can incite both excitement and motivation, that was the goal that Great Eastern came to us with.

One of their reward systems was through an annual event called the Great Eastern Sales Kickoff whereby top insurance agents are rewarded through a fully paid trip. Our main task was to direct and film a video showcasing the country that the current winners will be travelling to as well as the upcoming country for the following batch of winners.

The Challenge:

The main constraint was the lack of time, due to that, we came across a few challenges:

1) Location recce was omitted due to the tight filming schedules and even with on set preparation, the weather was not always favourable

2) As there are multiple scenes to film and limited time available, the time spent per location is restricted as well

3) Some key scenes require talents to be athletes, however, the talents engaged were not sports professionals and improvisation on their movements and actions has to be on the spot


The key idea was to generate suspense along with visually appealing cinematics. In order to achieve such results, camera angles and transitions were taken into account. Aside from filming methods, a deeper understanding of the next country, United Kingdom, was required in order to produce relevant scenes.


1) How we interpreted the country was through the various sports that were popular in the United Kingdom. As seen in the video, there were scenes of tennis.

2) What we did to showcase the country was through stock footage research whereby the London eye was shown in the video.


The final output is a professional cinematic video achieved through carefully thought out camera angles and creative video editing.

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