2D Animation: Great Eastern - The Great Society Launch


As part of Great Eastern’s effort to attract talents and provide a platform for young adults to learn and play, The Great Social was formed. For its launch video, we were tasked to encompass the different aspects of the interest group and deliver it in a manner that excited the invited guests at the launch party.

The Challenge:


1. Time Constraints

The first challenge the team faced was the limited time available for the completion of the project. With a tight deadline, a certain creative execution was not possible. However, in efforts to make the video interesting, transitions were added to the static illustrations. Aside from transitions, elements such as humans and fruits were made into lifelike characters.

2. Balancing brand positioning with Great Society Initiative

The initiative was targeted towards young adults and was painted as a dynamic group with a modern day twist. The client wished to have pop like music for its video which may result in a clash of style. Even so, this was overcome with plenty of research.

3. Limited Materials

Being a new initiative, there were little to no materials available for reference. This poses a difficulty when it comes to understanding the various concepts of the initiative. Nevertheless, with the help of a brochure provided by the client, the team was able to refer to the preferred style. As well as the constant communication between both Motionsauce and Great Eastern helped in understanding the requirements.


To display a vibrant yet informative video, Motionsauce used the concept of a roller coaster ride. The journey takes the audience through various highs and lows, showing the different opportunities and activities available for its viewers.


To achieve the client’s request for an upbeat background music while maintaining the corporate image, the team searched through various resources available. After listening through countless of royalty free music, the perfect song was found.


Despite the tight timeline, Motionsauce was able to deliver a 2 minute long informative animation using only static illustration.

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