Video Production Pricing

Find out how we price, smart, effective video production services

The answer to ‘how much do great videos cost?’ is:

“it really depends.”

We’ve been producing targetted and strategic video content close to 5 years now with different brands. Off the bat, we can tell you that working with us on a video project is likely to begin at around $5,000. For outlier projects that need us to go cross-country, jump through management red-tape and build videos from scratch, it can go all the way up to mid-five-figure fees for a production.

How do we price our video services?

Here are some factors we consider when determining pricing for video production. For transparency, here’s how you can save a little:

We need to understand the complexity of your request, how much existing material is provided versus how much of it we’ll have to suss out on our own. At the same time, the execution of what you have in your mind might require more work from our end than expected.

For example, projects with 3D Animation or complex comps can entail higher production costs and require us to enlist expert help.

How to save:

Put a video brief together that outlines clearly what you need and provide some samples. Being less cryptic when describing your project helps us move faster and reduces revisions.

If you’d like us to have a luxurious location and branded collateral, that’s going to cost a premium. Especially for live shoots and corporate videos, when we are required to purchase or rent equipment, hire a competent crew and apply for any relevant permits, these costs add up. To keep our shop moving, some of these will be included in our quotation and borne by the client.

How to save:

Provide your own venue, actors or any other help that can reduce our costs – this way you help us help you save.

Most of the time, the deadline was yesterday – but those kind of projects definitely cost more too. The shorter the timeline, the more after-hours we’ll have to put in the accomplish your vision.

How to save:

Give us adequate notice of your project and allow us more time to complete it. Typically for a 1-minute video, a timeline between 3-4 weeks at the minimum is suggested.

The longer the video, the more it’s going to cost. Reason being that it takes more work and resources to put together a longer video as with any kind of work. For instances, adding an extra 30 seconds to an already long explainer video animation requires creating new visual assets for the animation video.


How to save:

Pick a duration that suits your needs and accomplishes your objectives – and nothing more. This helps you save on costs and also keeps messaging a lot briefer for your audiences.

More rampant especially in corporate organizations with numerous decision-makers, numerous rounds of revisions usually happen due to subjective preferences. This is completely natural but unfortunately entails more work for our team to apply them.

How to save:

Gather feedback internally from all stakeholders before putting the brief together, continue to manage expectations as the project moves along to reduce rework and miscommunications and overall try to reduce revision-count.

As a specialized video and animation company, here’s what we do to earn your investment:

  • Work closely with you to understand your company and outcomes you want to achieve.
  • Conduct in-depth research your industry, competition and who you’re speaking to.
  • Craft creative approaches to communicating your brand messages in interesting, visual ways.
  • Go to great lengths to get the right footage and edit till it’s a perfect representation of you.
  • Work our butts off to make you as the client feel like you’ve made the right decision.


Yes, effective video content is going to cost you. We implore you to think longer-term and picture what an excellent, persuasive video project can do for you.

Maybe you close that big account you’ve been eyeing, maybe someone sees it and contacts your company – either way we’re confident the returns will pay for itself.

Want to know how much your video project is?

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