Videos that explain your company, product or service in two minutes or less

Simplify your story with explainer video so your prospects understand and buy

What’s an explainer video and why do you need one?

Explainer videos (also known as a homepage video, overview video or conversion video) are designed to explain your complex company, product or service or subject in the simplest way possible. A solid explainer video fleshes out a problem, a solid solution, benefits of using the product or service and most importantly how the solution works. Most importantly, a solid explainer video has to motivate the viewer to take immediate action.

explainer video man touching tablet to interact
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When should I use an explainer video?

Explainer videos are most commonly used on the front pages of your website, at your trade show booth, shown during a sales meeting. Basically, if your prospect is aware that they have a problem and are on the lookout for a solution, this is typically the best situation to show them your sexy animated masterpiece to get them over that hurdle of decision-making.

How do we put together an epic explainer video from scratch?

Just as every company is unique and different, no two explainer videos we create are ever the same. We focus on firstly understanding your marketing goals before ever putting pen to paper. The best explainer videos possess a strategy-first approach that involves concocting a script that inspires your audience to take action before we ever decide how we want it to look when put together in the creative stage. We focus on results rather than just making things ‘look good’.

image of machine churning out explainer video motionsauce

How long does it take to produce a solid explainer video?

A prudent timeline would be 4-6 weeks to understand your business, put together a persuasive script, produce a storyboard, execute the visuals and animating those visuals scene-by-scene. This is assuming it’s not a live action explainer video where we’ll need to source for talent and do live filming for your video – that takes longer.

How do you know if your explainer video was a success?

Some marketers or video producers might tell you to gun for views, but we know better than that that’s not the only metric. We’re more concerned with whether viewers watch the whole video or convert into a paying customer. Decide on these before you run your explainer video.

Not sure which video service is right for you?

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