Corporate videos that showcases your company's unique story

85% of people that have seen a video about a product or service are more likely to buy

What is a corporate video and why should you have one for your company?

It’s never cool to just be working with a company, but never ‘seeing’ the people behind the body corporate.

Creating a corporate video helps you build a genuine human connection with your prospective customer, so that they know they aren’t just working with a ‘talking head’ and choose you for the things that make your company special.

When and where should I use a corporate video?

Corporate story videos are great to have on your company website’s ‘about page’ or ‘services page’ to really give your prospect a deep-dive into your company’s values, processes and build trust even before they’ve reached out to you. If they’ve been sitting on the fence, they are now more likely to make a decision to at least meet your team. They work pretty well to encourage new hires to apply to your company too.

The process to a strong corporate video involves you and your stories

We first get to know your team, culture, brand and products. This is followed by a thorough evaluation and shortlisting of possible stakeholders to interview to be included in the video to best bring out the key elements that you want to showcase about your company.

For some companies, it can be their innovative approach, for others it could just be their internal culture.

How long does it take to produce a solid explainer video?

A typical timeline would take 6-8 weeks to truly familiarize our team with your business, work out a script, source talent and coordinate shooting dates. Live corporate videos tend to take a longer time to get right due to differing schedules of those appearing in the production.

How do you know if your corporate video was a success?

Depending on your marketing objectives set. You could measure engagement by analyzing the raw number of viewers who engage and take action to enquire about your services or perform the desired action. Delivering a personal touch through a corporate video tends to aid conversion.

Ready to start putting together your corporate video?

Schedule a 20min call where we’ll discuss your business goals with video and how to achieve them on-time and on-budget.