Use Video Animation to boost retention and sell more products and services

Using 2D visualization, we enhance your brand and persuasiveness of your messages

What’s great about Video Animation?

When you’ve spent hours wasting your breath, trying to explain a complex, esoteric concept to your prospect, something’s gotta give. Video Animations are a great way to deliver your ideas using illustrated characters to bring your stories to life. It’s a visually appealing and very popular style amongst modern visual artists and companies.

When should I use Video Animation?

When using live video and other mediums just don’t seem to encapsulate what you want to communicate.

You can play these videos on your websites to explain how to use a service or tell the story of your company. Illustrations used can even be customized to look more serious for formal occasions.

How do we put together an epic 2D Animation from scratch?

Similarly to how we develop live productions and explainer videos, our process begins with your objectives and messages.

For 2D Animation, we also give extra attention to the overall character and visual style of your animation production.

We typically put together a production in this order:

1. We produce mood board to gauge feedback and adjust till we get the style right for execution.

2.We sync the approved script and styled storyboard multiple times to ensure alignment.

3. Animation process begins and we run through a number of drafts

How long does it take to produce an epic animation production?

A prudent timeline would be 4-6 weeks to understand your business, put together relevant swatches of visual styles before we begin to illustrate visual elements and characters to be animated within your 2D Animation piece.

How do you know if your animation was a success?

Did it achieve what it was supposed to? 2D Animation is after all a medium and a means to an end. It can help you gain credibility, be easily understood and boost engagement for those viewing it. If you’ve successfully achieved the above, we’d say it turned out pretty well.

Want to start developing your Video Animation?

Schedule a 20min call where we’ll discuss your business goals with video and how to achieve them on-time and on-budget.