A Singapore-based commercial videography company that’s obsessively focused on real business results

MotionSauce is powered by a no-nonsense team that understands your business objectives. Videos and marketing collateral serve a purpose; to drive engagement and your bottom line.

Helping you succeed with videos is our everyday business

Our core team boasts more than a decade of combined experience in corporate communications and film production – so you’ll know you’re in good hands with creatives that not only understand how to put a good video together but to also help you use video to fulfill your company’s objectives.

Our Purpose:

Developing videos that help complex businesses sell

Our ethos here at MotionSauce is that you never want to be working with a ‘true artist’, but a practical creative partner that’s focused on your business’s outcomes. We’re not being anti-creative here, but we’re business people too and we know that in business, you spend money to raise your bottom-line. 

If you’re here because you’re looking for a provider to help you achieve your business goals through video.

We’re probably right for each other.


We follow a proven video creation process

From the initial script to the execution of your explainer animation or filming of your corporate video, we’ve used the same proven process many times over. To develop a multi-sensory experience for the eyes and ears isn’t exactly rocket science, but having a process helps to ensure we get it right every time.

1. Objectives and Research

Every great project starts with a strong, goal-oriented plan. We ensure that we align on your goals early before conducting research on your company and competitors.

2. Script and Storyboarding

With the information gathered, we start putting together a coherent and persuasive script using our unique C3 video framework and producing a visual video storyboard.

3. Visual Style and Moodboarding

We build a mood board to suss out your preferred visual style of characters and elements to ensure we get the next stage right without too much changes.

4. Animation/Filming Execution and Sound

Only after the precise planning do we commence the filming or animation process for your video. We also hire professional voice-over artists and include background music too.

C3: Our Unique Methodology For Better Videos

Every video we create adheres closely to our tried-and-tested C3 Framework for effective videos that drive action.

Try explaining complex concepts like rocket science or blockchain to a 5-year old. Good luck with that. Using concepts we are already familiar with helps us to understand new ideas quicker. We identify these gaps in your audience before writing your script.
Great marketing hits visceral hot-buttons present in every human being. Using basica human motivations like loss aversion, need for status, shelter, love etc. We put together a coherent storyline that converts skeptical prospects into customers.
Why most videos fail to drive business results is because they forget about the reason its done in the first place. We place a strong call-to-action at the end of our videos to drive them to take the next step – buying your product or service.

Want to get started with your video project?

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