Helping brands win more business with video production & animation

Share your company’s unique story in the form of animated video productions that sell.
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Great videos and animation help you grow your business

Your customers are 80% more likely to buy-in after watching a well-produced video about your product or service. See how our video services help clients win more business.
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Introduce a new product and impress viewers

You want to blow your audiences away and get them excited for the launch of your new product. PowerPoint in this case is too ‘old school’. You need to impress and you need it done professionally.
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Build credibility and sell with persuasive messaging

Imagine if you had a salesperson that could deliver the perfect pitch 24/7. Strategically scripted video productions helps you deliver a consistent visual experience every single time they watch your videos.
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Explain complex concepts and products, simply

Got a great new idea, product or service? If no one understands it, you’re wasting your breath. Using animated explainers greatly increases retention and comprehension by up to 60,000 times.
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Market your brand using videos across digital mediums

Video marketing is becoming an increasingly popular form of marketing because of its effectiveness and cost. If you’re not taking full advantage by using video production for marketing, you’re losing out in the game.
Our team was really impressed by the result. It’s obvious that these video professionals truly care about what they do and go the

extra mile to deliver the highest quality for you…”

Agustiadi Lee, NUS Enterprise

Videos that get not just views, but customers too

At Motionsauce, we don’t just create videos that look great. We believe in having specific objectives and ways to measure success. Clients that use us don’t just get beautifully visual videos, they get timless marketing assets that help them delight customers.

Do you struggle to communicate your brand’s complex benefits and offerings?

Here’s how MotionSauce can help your business with video:

We provide a wide-range of services that  range from live video shoots all the way to motion-graphic experiences Depending on what your company wants to achieve with videos, we offer strategies and suggest the right video medium for your marketing efforts, be it animation or live video productions.
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Corporate Video Production

Having trouble showcasing what’s unique about your business? We produce professional corporate story videos by combining the time-tested elements of effective film-making and proven narrative structures. These videos are aimed at impressing your customers and showing what your products and services can do for them.
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Digital Explainer Videos

Having difficulty explaining your complex business in a simple way? We script and develop persuasive and fun explainer videos that effectively communicate how your business works and why it should matter to your target audiences. Using illustrations, voiceovers and beautiful animated effects, we make learning interesting.
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Motion Graphic Animation

Looking for an animation sequence that leaves viewers spell-bound and excited for what comes next? Using video animation software, we use visual effects and transitions to enhance the viewer experience. This is often used for opening sequences in videos at large-scale events and teo accentuate existing animated or live video content.
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Not sure which video service is right for you?

Schedule a 20min call where we’ll discuss your business goals with video and how to achieve them on-time and on-budget.